Who Am I?

David Harris as a Terminator

I'm an adventurer

What Am I?

I am a mature student at Bournemouth University, studying Software Engineering. I am into all things tech, games, music and movies!

I am a Volunteer leader for MAD days and digital champions with the students union. I won volunteer of the year for my first year at university.

Where To Find Me?

On my blog.
Currently under construction from scratch in PHP MySQL HTML5 and CSS3. This is my sandbox for expanding my knowledge of these languages

Logo for Harris Blog, a blue DH

This site is less constructed currently, but as of 1st of February will become my full time occupation whilst completing my final year project.

Jarro Logo

Awesome Infinity.
Currently being formed. Awesome Infinity will be the next big thing for software and application development. We don't have a website as of yet but we are looking for our home on the internet

Team awesome infinity logo from second year of university